Whatever your level, here are some hikes to do around the property and which will allow you to explore the surroundings.

Lagar de Torrijos Trail and Visit to the Ecomuseum

Distance: 8 km – Difficulty: easy to medium – loop

This walk begins and ends at Lagar de Torrijos, from where other very attractive trails start. The Lagar de Torrijos is an eco-museum and camping space organized around an old wine press typical of the region, preserved as it was originally built. Inside you can discover the old utensils used to make sweet Malaga wine, extra virgin olive oil and bread.To start the hike, you will have to go north, towards Carretera de los Montes, until you reach a small path with a chain on your left. You will have to take it and continue to the left towards the El Mirlo stream. In this area, we often come across small streams and presses and mills, such as the Lagar de Santillana or the Lagar de las Ucemillas (close to one of the crossing points).This route is ideal for hiking, mountain biking and running.

Mirador del Cochino - Mirador Vázquez Sell

Distance: 6.6 km – Difficulty: easy – round trip

Departing from the Mirador del Cochino, you can admire superbview of the Park as well as the city of Malaga. Follow the marked path El Cerrado. The arrival is at the Mirador Vazquez Sell, which offers magnificent landscapes, and represents an ideal point of view for observing birds of prey (especially in spring and autumn).The return is by the same route.

Molino del viento

Distance: 3 km – Difficulty: easy – round trip

This easy trail is ideal for beginers. To get to the path of El Viento, you will have to cross the Fountain of the Reina leaving behind you, on the right, the restaurant El Leon. 1 KM further, you will come across the path that leads to Pico d'El Viento. While walking in the heart of this magnificent mixed forest, you will come across a very rich flora as well as many birds.