The Finca Serrato Family expands!

Before my phone is red hot, No, I am not pregnant !!!
We do have other nice news to report. Since a few days three horses have moved in with us.

Welcome Rosita, Luna and Estrella!

The attentive reader and certainly our loyal followers know that you can come to us to ride a horse. We already had Sherpa and Cat here, the horses of Olivier who have moved from Belgium who take care of this. Of course you are limited with only two horses, so there is a collaboration with friendly b & b owners with horses.

Unfortunately, the terrain of one of our colleagues has a hard time due to the drought, so that there was no longer any green food for these three girls. Don’t worry, Finca Serrato to the rescue !! Enough vegetation for all five, company for Cat and Sherpa and a watchful eye with a warm animal heart.

The first meeting.

Every animal lover knows that there is always a hierarchy in a group of animals. Before the arrival of the three girls, Cat was clearly in charge of Sherpa. This duo has been living together for over 10 years and are therefore close friends, although….

Among the girls, Rosita is the group leader, so we were curious about the final result.

After some shouting, a kick here and a bite there, it soon became clear. Cat and Rosita now form the leader couple and the rest follows meekly. We do have the impression that Sherpa does not like this too much, so we shower him as much as possible with extra love.

It is only recently that they came together, so everyone still has to get used to it.

Who is who?

If you would like to know more about our horses, what their character is, who exactly is who, take a look at our page about us. For more photos of our animals and the environment you can go here.

Horse riding in the beautiful nature of Andalusia.

Voila, we are now ready to offer you an unforgettable experience and a unique way to explore the region. Whether you like exploring a large part and staying in different places or just want a quiet walk around our finca now and then, everything is possible.

For more information about horse riding click here.

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