Andalusian landscapes

The “Andalusian landscapes” package gives you the chance to travel through four typical landscapes. Moreover, this hike is suitable for everyone, experienced walkers or not. After this trip you will certainly return home as reborn.

The first landscape you can admire is the surroundings of the Parque Natural Sierras Almijara y Tejedas nature reserve, close to Competa. There you will stay with host Joost in Casa Hadriano who will gladly take you on one of his nature tours in the mountains. This region has a range of more than 30 walking routes through unspoilt nature. In this same landscape you also stay 1 night in Venta de Zaffaraya.

The second landscape can be found in Alfarnatejo, also known as the southern Pyrenees. There you will spend three nights at Arend and Denise in bed and breakfast “El Aguila Libre”. You get extra tips from Arend so you don’t miss the most beautiful places.

As a third landscape you end up in the overwhelming, unspoilt nature of the Montés de Malaga Natural Park. At Finca Serrato you stay three more days so that you can explore the area in peace.

The fourth and final landscape that you are presented with is sea and beach in the coastal village of El Palo.

The program.

Day 1.

You arrive in Competa and you will be warmly welcomed in Casa Hadriano. Take your time to move into the spacious double room, there are no specific things planned for your first day.

You can determine the details of your first day yourself. Do you prefer a day of rest after the tiring journey? No problem, you can stroll through the village or simply enjoy the comfort of Casa Hadriano.

Do you prefer a small walk-in walk? You have several walks in the area, ranging from one hour to three hours.

Day 2.

To get the week off to a good start, start on Day 2 with a nature walk in the Sierras Almijara y Tejeda Nature Park. You can determine here how hard or how long you take the walk. There are several route descriptions for various walks.

The nature park is just over 40 hectares full of pine trees and pines. Due to an abundance of marble, the region is dominated by white and gray tones. One of the largest groups of Iberian ibex lives in this park.

You can dine on the pleasant village square near Casa Hadriano.

Day 3.

Host Joost will gladly take you along on one of his nature tours. Joost knows a lot about the fauna and flora of the region. A nature tour with him is an experience that you don’t want to miss.

You will learn a lot about plants and animals that live in this area. You go out as it were with a “living encyclopedia”.

You decide how long this walk takes in consultation with Joost when you arrive at Casa Hadriano.

You spend the night at Casa Hadriano again.

Day 4.

Now the real work begins and you start your trek towards the impressive gorge of Zaffaraya. You are still in the first landscape.

This is a location that is a must for nature lovers and avid hikers, so we certainly shouldn’t forget that. While you enjoy all that natural beauty, we bring your luggage from Casa Hadriano to Venta de Zaffaraya.

You will spend one night here in Venta de Zaffaraya.

Day 5.

On day 5 the trek continues to Alfarnatejo, the southern Pyrenees. Here you switch to landscape two. As the nickname suggests, this region is known for the beautiful mountains with unforgettable views.

The end of the day is in bed and breakfast “El aguila Libre” near Arend and Denise. There you will be warmly welcomed by a passionate couple with a great love for Spain.

Once again, your luggage from Venta de Zarraya is transferred by us to El Aguila Libre, so that you can walk from one to the other without any problems.

Day 6.

The local hike on day six takes you to the top of two (out of three) mountains that give this region its nickname. You climb the Alto de Fraile, which has a height of 1222 m, to see the beauty of nature. The vistas that you see here are priceless.

The Dona ana has a height of 1202 m. The beauty of nature that you experience around you during these climbs makes it more than worth doing. This tour takes 4 to 5 hours.

You are here in the middle of the habitat of the mountain goat. So don’t make a difference if you cross a few during your trip.

The overnight stay is again planned at El Aguila Libre.

Day 7.

Since this arrangement is a lot longer, we insert a day of rest in the middle of the week.

Would you like to spend a day in and around Alfarnatejo or would you like to do one of the hikes? Arend and Denise will be happy to give you tips and advice.

The overnight stay is again planned in El Aguila Libre.

Day 8.

The trek continues to the third landscape. You walk to and through the Montés de Malaga nature park, which, with its unspoilt nature, provides a completely different experience.

Here you will be welcomed at bed and breakfast Finca Serrato, the fourth place to stay on this trip.

Don’t worry about your luggage, it will be taken from El Aguila Libre to Finca Serrato for you. So you can fully enjoy the beautiful fauna and flora that you can admire en route.

You spend the night in Finca Serrato.

Day 9.

After a delicious breakfast to get you off to a good start, one of us will take you to the nearby village of Colmenar.

There you can first soak up the atmosphere on a very typical Spanish terrace. You then walk the first kilometers through the village of Colmenar.

These first kilometers offer you the chance to visit a few sights that Colmenar offers. So you have the bee museum, the Ermita (the local church) and the cemetery that are definitely worth a visit.

Once you leave the village, the walk continues through the campo (countryside). Enjoying the many vistas of the valley you can relax here.

This walk will take between 4 and 5 hours without any stops to visit.

Day 10.

In order to be strong and in good shape, you can first enjoy a tasty and healthy breakfast.

The hike planned for this day starts at the finca. The first part leads you to the rio seco (dry river) El Rute. From there you go back up on another side to reach the ruins of Lagar El Rute, an old press shop.

The route then goes to the Montés de Malaga Natural Park, after which you arrive at Venta De la Nada. You will find it a little more typical than this place. You think you are certainly 70 years back in time, an experience that you do not want to miss. If desired, you can have lunch here.

After lunch you walk back to Finca Serrato via a completely different route.

This walk takes six to seven hours (without lunch).

Day 11.

As usual, you start the day with a healthy, extensive and fresh breakfast in Finca Serrato.

Then you start the last trek of the holiday. It goes towards the coastal town of El Palo where you end up in the last landscape, sea and beach.

After a brisk walk to get there, you can relax with a cocktail on the beach!

You spend the night in a bed and breakfast in El Palo.

Day 12.

After the intensive program of the past week, we have a so-called “free day”.

From El Palo you can go in many directions. You can stroll along the coastline and consume a drink here and there. Or you can laze on the beach for a day in Malaga.

Tell us what you would like to do and how we can help you if necessary.

Day 13.

A visit to the city of Malaga is planned for the very last day. Here you can choose from a few options.

You will be brought to Malaga and can stay there all day. You will be picked up again in the evening.

Or you can choose to follow a set route with a guide (price guide depending on the period) so that you certainly do not miss the most popular places.

Day 14.

The last extensive breakfast in Finca Serrato.

Farewell to the environment and the residents.

This package can also be planned in the opposite direction. If you wish, please choose the “Andalusian Landscapes the other way around” option when booking.

Price of the package.

You can book this package as an option when choosing your room for an additional charge of € 130.00 per person (minimum 2 people).

Use our handy booking function on the right. First choose which period you want to come to, select the room that you prefer and then click on the “Andalusian Landscapes walking package” option or “Andalusian landscapes the other way around walking package” option.

The system will immediately show you the full price.

Included in the price:

  • Breakfast (included in the room price anyway)
  • Transfers to the starting point and end point of the walks.
  • Welcome drink and snack.
  • Extensive route descriptions in your own language.
  • Detailed hiking maps.


It is always possible to get a packed lunch at Finca Serrato. You can purchase this for € 8.00 per person.

You can also visit Finca Serrato for dinner. We offer a dinner at a democratic price.

If you prefer to eat out, you can go to Venta De La Nada at 4 km or Venta El Pinar at 5 km. In the center of Colmenar at 14 km you can also find some traditional restaurants.

All meals and drinks, except breakfast, are available for a fee.