Ever since high school Sander (34) dreamed of a career as a chef. He followed his heart and became a chef at a young age already. After having worked for several restaurants in various big cities of the Netherlands, he started his own catering company. He cooked for large parties at festivals, weddings and business (events). Besides that he started to design and build food stands. More and more he became interested in DIY jobs and his collection of tools grew by the day. His two main talents – cooking and DIY jobs – didn’t go unnoticed: a befriended couple started an eco-glamping in Spain and asked Sander to join them. He cooked for the guests, built lots of (creative) stuff and was responsible for all the maintenaince on the property. During the two enjoyable years he has worked there he learned everything that is involved with living in the Spanish countryside. Perfect skills when running a finca!


Marie-Claire (30) has an innate interest in other cultures, and so the choice to study Cultural Anthropology was made at a young age already. After her graduation she started working for several non-profit organizations. However, after a couple of years ‘slow life’ and nature increasingly started to appeal to her. She decided that it was time for a career change.  She became a yoga teacher and started two new studies, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Shiatsu Massage. It was also at that time that she met Sander, just a month before he was going to move to Spain. Divine timing, isnt’t it? For a year Sander and Claire had a long distance relationship. When the Covid-19 crisis started in March 2020 and it was announced that Spain was going to be in a lockdown for at least several months, Marie-Claire decided to live together with Sander in Spain. This is the place where they live happily ever after.


Finca Serrato is a cortijo and lagar of more than 200 years old located in Andalucia. The finca is surrounded by olive- and almond trees, cacti, wild flowers and herbs. It used to be a moulding plant for olive oil, and over the past centuries the estate has been extended with several other buildings. The cortijo has been renovated recently, but you can still see the authentic traces of its original history. Also the Moorish influences which are omnipresent in the region of Andalucia are still recognizable in the architecture and interiors. The warm colors and mostly natural materials combined with the modern comfort of the apartments will give you an instant holiday feeling.

With an own water well and solar panels the finca is mostly self-sufficient. The fresh water comes straight from the mountains, so you can just drink from the tap. Sustainable and no hassle with plastic bottles, so one less thing to worry about.

Finca Serrato is meant for people that enjoy places that are off the beaten track. The serene and in ‘the middle of nowhere’ feeling that you will get here is partly due to its remote location in the Spanish countryside or campo. After you have taken the exit at the idyllic road that connects Colmenar to Málaga, you will drive for 10 more minute on a gravel road. Just drive slowly and in the meantime enjoy the magnificent views. Nobody’s in a hurry here.


Finca Serrato is situated on the edge of Montes de Málaga, a vast natural park with an extensive diversity in flora and flora. This park lends itself well for activities such as hiking, cycling, mountain biking, bird watching and horseriding. The nearest village from Finca Serrato is Colmenar, which is a 20 minute drive of which 10 minutes on gravel road. This is one of the many white villages in the region that are characteristic for Andalucia. Here you can get your groceries, arrange your financial affairs at the bank or have a drink and a tapa at one of the cafes or restaurants.

We’re also just a stone’s throw away from the region of Axarquía. The Moren named this area Ash-Sharquia, land of the East, because its situated at the eastside of Málaga. Here they established the famous white villages, built castles, fortifications and mosques, cultivated the soil and constructed an infrastructure to irrigate. The influence of the Moors is still omnipresent in the local culture, language and architecture. Indulge yourself in this region full of majestic mountains, rolling hills, vineyards, trees full of avocados, oranges, lemons, and way more. Welcome to paradise!

Finca Serrato is also centrally located for visits to cultural pearls like Málaga, Antequera, Ronda, Frigiliana, Granada, Cordoba and Sevilla. The airport of Málaga as well as the Mediterranean Sea are a 45 minute drive.

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Finca Serrato