My first meeting with Finca Serrato.

The very first time that Wouter and I drove to Finca Serrato, I will never forget.

We were both naturally very curious and very enthusiastic. We have been looking for ‘our place’ for almost a year where we can continue to build on our Spanish dream.

Of course we knew beforehand that the finca was situated at a unique location, but we didn’t really think about it at that time. We now live for a while on ‘de campo’ (the outside) and are therefore already just on roads that are not too good.

So we were full of courage on our way … Once we left the motorway, we immediately ended up in a beautiful environment, which made us very happy. After a nice drive through the mountains, Google maps suddenly said: “Turn left”.

At the first moment I didn’t even really see a job … Wouter immediately thought it was all right, me a little less. From the point that you leave the asphalt, there is still about 5 km to cover.

I want to add a personal note here. I am not a hero in the car anyway, I quickly get scared and have little confidence in a car.

After what was an enormously adventurous ride in my experience, I had forgotten it very quickly once we arrived at Finca Serrato. Both Wouter and I immediately fell for the charms of this finca.


In the meantime I have traveled the road several times, even in the dark, and in the end it is not so bad, of course. Of course I also realize that you can only reach a unique location in a unique way, of course.

For those who will use the road to Finca Serrato, the golden tip is: Always follow the yellow arrows.








The access road is shown.

During one of our visits I filmed the entire access road so that we can give you an idea of what you can expect. Of course I have speeded up the video a bit and here and there I picked out small pieces that turned out not to be useful.

This road is “tackled” every year (filling wells and paving where necessary), this always happens in the spring when most of the rain has passed.

Do you want a good view of the road? Then be sure to check out this video!

Hopefully I can give you a good picture of our location and the way to it.




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