The most beautiful sightseeing around Finca Serrato

Molino del Hortelano.

At about 30 km from our finca you can visit Molino Del Hortelano in Casabermeja. It is the largest working olive press in the region.

Known as a family business, Molino del Hortelano is a family business that obtains extra virgin olive oil directly from the best olives and the most natural procedures.

They take care of and respect both the development process, their products and the environment that gives them such an old treasure.

They grow their own olives and take care of the entire process: growing, grinding, storing, packaging and distributing.

They have their own organic certification by the CAAE (Andalusian Organic Farming Committee).

Their search for quality in their products has won them a silver medal in the ECOTRAMA2015 organic extra virgin olive oil international competition.

Then they also won a bronze medal in the extra virgin olive oil quality Iberian competition.

These are two important distinctions that make them want to keep improving the quality of their extra virgin olive oil.

You will be warmly welcomed by (usually) the son, who has perfect command of the English language.

After the extensive tour you can participate in the tasting session, where you can also purchase the olive oil.

Extra virgin olive oil products that they offer:

250 ml of Verdial. Fruity, light bitterness and balanced and light spiciness.

500 ml and 250 ml Hojiblanca. Fruity, light bitterness and spicy spiciness. This is the most versatile oil and it is perfect for frying.

500 ml and 250 ml of organic Picudo. Fruity, the scent is reminiscent of apple, first with sweet tones and bitter and spicy notes. Great harmony and balance.

500 ml and 250 ml of organic camomile. Fruity ripe olive flavor with green notes and banana and ripe tomato clear tones.

It is advisable to book a tour in advance.

Take a look at Please note: the site is only available in Spanish.

Iglesia de la Encarnación.

If you like to visit churches, we recommend that you visit La Iglesia de la Encarnación in the city of Comares.

This church is approximately 15 kilometers from the finca. Construction began on May 25, 1505, commissioned by Don Diego de Deza, who was then the Archbishop of Seville.

It is still one of the most striking monuments in its history today.

Like many churches of that time, the building stands on the site of the former Arab mosque.

You will find a mix of different styles in the building. The Mudejar style or Moorish style in particular is emphasized in the cassette ceilings.

These ceilings are considered to be one of the best preserved in the province.

The roof is the highlight of the building. The combination of rich geometric frets and five paired arches, results in a beautiful series of interwoven crafts and historical-artistic quality.

The church also has a bell tower, octagonal in rococo style, built in the late eighteenth century. A large pointed arch covers the main door between pilasters and is covered on the outside with a gable roof of Arabic tiles.





El Torcal de Antequera.

Those looking for beautiful nature in Malaga should definitely take a look at this park. Between the Spanish cities of Ronda and Antequera in Andalusia there is a remarkable and particularly beautiful nature reserve: El Torcal de Antequera. Those who love nature should definitely take the time to walk in El Torcal.

Read more about the El Torcal nature reserve here >>

Lobo Park Antequera

Are you also fascinated by wolves when you see them in films and photos? In the Lobo Park you can observe and understand the dynamics of a wolf pack – one of the most social and team-oriented animals on the planet.

Discover the Lobo Park (Wolf Park), an unspoilt nature and wildlife park in the heart of Andalusia. It is a private park where you can look at a wolf face to face for the first time in your life. It is home to 3 different wolf subspecies (European, Alaska tundra and native Iberian wolves) and is located in the heart of Andalusia, near Antequera. 40 hectares of protected and unspoilt nature with countless typical Mediterranean plants await you. Unlike in many other parks, we do not domesticate our wolves. Instead, we socialize them sufficiently to remove their innate fear of humans, but many of our animals have never even been touched by humans. The wolves grow up and learn from their parents that they can feel safe, so that we can see and observe them.

The Lobo Park organizes guided tours for visitors in both Spanish and English, so that visitors can better understand how wolves behave in the real world. In addition to a dedicated guide, you will enjoy a walk to the wolf enclosures through a truly picturesque landscape with old oaks and typical Mediterranean flora. You get the opportunity to learn more about these fascinating animals and get a better understanding and impression of these precious animals. Your questions are happy to be answered.

The Lobo Park is also home to other types of animals (mostly rescued) such as a fox family and farm animals. Relax and enjoy a snack on our spacious terrace with a spectacular view of the El Torcal. Then go to the souvenir shop where you will find original memories of your visit. This beautiful park offers families fun and excitement, stimulating educational programs, as well as a peaceful place to enjoy nature. There is something new to discover at every visit!

The tour (Spanish and English) with a wolf expert takes place several times a day (except on Wednesdays).

Guided tours:

Daily tours WOLF TOURS (no reservation required)
start time: 11 am, 1 pm, 3 pm and 4.30 pm
Price: Adults: € 11.50 / Children (3-12 years): € 7.50
Duration of the tour: 1.5 hours

HOWL NIGHT (reservation required)
If you are looking for a special night out, the WOLF HOWL NIGHT is an absolute must. This activity takes place every evening when it is a full moon.
Price: Adults: € 25.00 / Children (3-12 years): € 17.00
Duration of the tour: 3.5 hours

Exclusive VIP TOUR (reservation required)
The personalized tour is the ultimate way to experience the Lobo Park! Spend a maximum of 3 hours exploring the park with your own personal guide. Each exclusive VIP tour is tailored to your interests and includes a welcome drink.
Reservations are required at least 3 days in advance, depending on availability.
Contact the park at or call +34952031107 to speak with one of the professional planners.
Price: Adults: € 75.00 / Children (3-12 years): € 60.00
Duration of the tour: 2.5-3 hours

PHOTOTOUR (reservation required)
The dates of the photo tour are subject to availability. For information and to make an appointment you can contact the park via: tel.34952031107 or
Price per photographer: € 60.00
Duration of the tour: 2 hours