Naturepark Montés de Malaga

Parque Natural Montés de Malaga.

The Montes de Málaga Natural Park is characterized by the characteristic forests of Aleppo pines.

These serve as protection for the soil. Without them, rain would wash away large parts and cause flooding.

This is exactly what happened time and again from the 15th century to less than a century ago.

Mainly the result of cutting down old forest to make way for the cultivation of vines, olives and almonds.

The park is easily accessible and is close to the coastal and mountain towns and villages around it.

It is considered the green lung of the La Axarquía region.

It is perfect for walking, hiking, cycling and you can even ride it with the motorcycle.

For example, at rainy times of the year you can see beautiful waterfalls such as Picapedreros.

Hiking trails lead you past cooling streams and river forests, to discover the remains of crops and structures that tell the region’s wine-producing past.

The cultivation of the vine was responsible for sweet, semi-sweet and dry wines. Unfortunately, these vineyards have gradually disappeared due to successive diseases.

However, you can still find some of these traditional buildings in the park and visit them. Some are even still in operation.

They consist of the house, the press where the grapes were crushed, olive oil presses and bread ovens, all in the same location.

Torrijos Press is an example of this type of “business” and is now home to the Eco Museum of the same name, where you can find more information about these activities.

Choice of numerous hiking routes.

While walking or cycling through the park, the routes show you the local vegetation, mainly consisting of replanted pine forests.

With a little luck you may see squirrels, but you will have to be more attentive to see the covert, well-camouflaged chameleon.

Along the route the pine trees are being replaced by holm oak, Portuguese oak and cork trees.

This natural park is also attractive because of the beautiful view of the capital of the Costa del Sol, Malaga and other mountain ranges in the province.

A good place to enjoy these views is the Cochino Viewpoint. With the help of binoculars you can see the elegant flight of birds of prey, such as booted and short-cut eagles.

At the end of your day you can taste the famous wines that are produced in these mountains in roadside bars, or even during the Verdiales celebrations.

Other recommended visits in connection with the park are the villages of Colmenar and Casabermeja. Here you can enjoy Mediterranean architecture and monuments.

Certainly worth a visit is the unique cemetery of Casabermeja, a historic-artistic monument, built with traditional architecture.