Corona… A few weeks ago we only knew this as a beer. Unfortunately, this word has meanwhile got a bitter aftertaste for a lot of people around the world.

Like most of us, we have been in quarantine for several weeks. We also follow the updates that the media presents us with a frightened heart.

We are also asked by many of you how it goes here with us, hence this update.

We are relatively safe.

Anyone who has already visited us or has thoroughly studied the site knows that we are on top of a mountain in the middle of nature. In principle, you can not sit better in terms of infection risk. We are also very fortunate that we can therefore make use of an enormous amount of outdoor space and thus come “outside” to our heart’s content.

As far as Spain itself is concerned, you will of course also see and hear that the figures are very bad and the prospects are not too hopeful at the moment. We would like to add an important footnote to this, in particular that the problems are mainly in the north of the country. Of course there are also infections here and we are in full lockdown too, but the situation is absolutely not comparable to the north.

Our animals have the time of their lives.

Our dogs certainly think this is a great time. Extra long walks every day, the owners constantly at home, as many hugs as they want and this in a domain where they have complete freedom. Life couldn’t be more beautiful for them at the moment.

Meanwhile, our kittens are growing very fast.

We ourselves have started the major task of making the edge around the house weed-free, which was urgently needed.

As a result of which the horses also get to see us more and they are happy to assist us in this job.


We make through it.

Unfortunately, it will also be a very difficult period for us. I (Sofie) had just managed to get a job at TUI at the airport to have a little extra security while we, especially Wouter, rebuild the bed and breakfast. So we were definitely on the right track, but then Corona …

I was able to do my job for 3 weeks and mainly consisted of helping to get people back to their home country, which I have now lost. Unfortunately I was only in my trial period.

Logically, the bookings we already had for the spring have all been canceled.

Fortunately we have parents who support us very hard, otherwise I don’t know what we would have done now.

To emphasize this extra: Thank you mam and dad !!

What does the future hold?

That is of course a very difficult question to answer at the moment, certainly not just for us.

At the moment we simply cannot go back to Belgium, if we want to. But for us that would really be the very last option.

We also have many questions at the moment.

Do people still dare or want to travel?

How can we convince people to join us?

Will I be able to resume my job at Tui?

We currently have enough time to break our minds about that. Like everyone else, we will have to look day by day at how we are going to get out of this.

Thank you thank you thank you !!

Finally, we would also like to express our gratitude to all the people who currently still keep the country straight. Since our location, no one hears our applause every night so I want to emphasize that we also sympathize with the hard time that these people are now going through!

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