San Valentín, the day on which loved ones give each other extra attention with presents, flowers or cards. The day therefore has extra meaning for many people.

Originally, Valentine’s Day was the day when someone could declare anonymous love to someone else by sending flowers, chocolate or presents without mentioning their name. For example, the recipient or recipient had to guess who the love goods came from and that made the day extra exciting.

Nowadays, certainly from a commercial point of view, the emphasis is more on the day that loved ones give each other something to put an extra emphasis on “loving”. Especially in the United States, Valentine’s Day is exploited quite commercially, but countries such as Spain, the Netherlands and Belgium are not inferior to that. Here too you can find small special gifts everywhere or flowers or…. too many to mention actually.


On Wikipedia you can read that no biographical details are known about St. Valentine. In the eighteenth century it was suggested that the Valentine’s Day was set on February 14 to replace the old Lupercalia, a Roman (and perhaps even older) fertility celebration. Lupercalia was celebrated on February 15 (!) In honor of fertility god Lupercus. This was an important celebration for the Romans at the time. The festival was most likely celebrated near the caves where Romulus and Remus, the founders of Rome, were raised by wolves.

According to the story, the names of unmarried young women were thrown into a large bowl. Unmarried men were then allowed to take turns taking a name. During the party, the two young people who were linked to each other were each other’s partners. When Christianity emerged in Europe, this pagan festival was banned by the church and Lupercalia was replaced by Valentine’s Day.


San Valentín was introduced in Spain more or less in the twentieth century with the idea of stimulating the sale of gifts. It is even claimed that the El Corte Ingles store chain in Spain has begun introducing San Valentín to (successfully) boost sales.

All in all, 14 February is the day to give your lover a token of appreciation and to declare love again.

Finca Serrato is also taking part in this ‘party’. Come stay with us and your loved one and be pampered on this romantic trip.

Valentine in the sun.

Imagine that on Valentine’s Day you can enjoy a romantic breakfast under a bright sun. Which can! Here with us it is currently 22 degrees and on our cozy patio, surrounded by countless flowers and plants, it is practically wind-free, so that the mood temperature is a lot higher.

During your stay, be amazed by the splendor of the almond blossoms. These are in full bloom this time of year. It doesn’t get much more romantic … Feliz San Valentín!


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