Cycle around Serrato

With this package you cycle in different areas of the Axarquia and the Montes de Málaga.

The Axarquía is characterized by mountains and hills where traditional farming is practiced. In the mountains that are mainly olives and almonds and in the valleys grain. In addition, you regularly come across shepherds with sheep or goats.

Scattered throughout the area are the “pueblos blancos”, these are small towns or hamlets with the typical Andalusian white houses and narrow alleys. The Montes de Málaga Natural Park is also mountainous but largely wooded with, among other things, cork oaks, pine and eucalyptus trees. It is also the habitat of, among other things, mountain goats and Spanish King eagles.

The program.

Day 1.

You will be warmly welcomed at Finca Serrato with a free snack and drink. Here you will get a tour of the accommodation and a brief explanation of how the finca works. This is necessary as we are self-sufficient in terms of water and electricity.

We then adjust the bikes so that you can fly in whenever you want. Depending on when you arrive, there may still be time for a first exploration of the finca.

Day 2.

The day starts with a rich, healthy breakfast in Finca Serrato so that your energy level is in order before you leave.

The first route we have in store for you runs from Finca Serrato along asphalt roads to the pueblo blanco Comares. This strategically located old Moorish fortress with a view over the Mediterranean Sea should not be missed. Follow the blue footprints here to the places with the most beautiful view of the Mediterranean sea and the Sierra Nevada.

After this you will drive back over a few single tracks and sandy paths to Finca Serrato. You close this 30 km long route with a final spicy climb.

Day 3.

From Finca Serrato you bridge the 270 meters of altitude to the main road (A7000) from where you dive into the Montes de Málaga National Park a little further south. A wide gravel path (without any buildings) leads you to a little used single track that winds down.

After a few river crossings you will arrive in the farm town of Colmenar. The steep streets to the church are rewarded with a beautiful view towards the Sierra Nevada. From here you follow sandy paths past farms and olive groves. You get to know the hills in the surroundings of Finca Serrato, because when you see your accommodation there are a few more vigorous climbs before you arrive there.

Day 4.

As usual, you start the day with a fresh and healthy breakfast in Finca Serrato.

The route of day 4 is focused on speed. You will descend on quiet forest trails from Montes de Málaga to Ecomuseo in the park. You will pass some viewpoints with great views of Malaga and the rest of the national park and you will pass La Reina. At 1,032 meters, this mountain is the highest point in the park.

Day 5.

From Serrato you cycle through the national park to El Mirador (950 m.) Where you have a fantastic view of Málaga and the coast. There the descent begins between the olive and almond groves to the coastal town of El Palo where you use your lunch by the sea. The fish is specially prepared for you on a barbecue on the beach.

Satisfied you climb over b-roads (or if desired paths) back to 1100 meters altitude after which you can freewheel 400 meters down to Finca Serrato.

Day 6.

After a long asphalt descent where you will encounter many cyclists, you will again dive into the Montes de Málaga National Park in the south. The hard surface on the single tracks invite you to ride fast, followed by a long climb. Don’t forget to enjoy the natural beauty and tranquility around you.

The final challenge of the route is the 4 kilometer long sand path descent to Finca Serrato.

Day 7.

On the last full day of your stay, you naturally first enjoy a tasty and healthy breakfast.

To conclude your holiday well, we insert the so-called day off here. You can organize the day according to your wishes. Do you want to make a certain trip? Ask us and we are happy to help you on your way.

Still jitters in the legs? Montés de Malaga Natural Park is the ideal place for an extra ride.

Day 8.

Goodbye and departure at Finca Serrato.

Price of the package.

You can book this package as an option when choosing your room for an additional charge of € 70.00 per person (minimum 2 people).

In contrast to the walking packages, the cycling packages cannot be booked online with our automatic system. This is to keep everything organized and because we need more information for these arrangements.

Book your nights with the system and state in the box your message the arrangement that you want to book. We will contact you for further information.

Possible renting of bicycles is not included in the price.

Included in the price:

  • Breakfast (included in the room price anyway)
  • Welcome drink and snack.
  • Extensive route descriptions in your own language.
  • Detailed cycling maps.


It is always possible to get a packed lunch at Finca Serrato. You can purchase this for € 8.00 per person.

You can also visit Finca Serrato for dinner. We offer a dinner at a democratic price of 15,00€ a person (excl drinks).

If you prefer to eat out, you can go to Venta De La Nada at 4 km or Venta El Pinar at 5 km. In the center of Colmenar at 14 km you can also find some traditional restaurants.

All meals and drinks, except breakfast, are available for a fee.