Finca Serrato has a wide variety of options to spend your vacation. Due to our very central location with regard to the coast, nature parks and various cities, we are the ideal base for a holiday full of sports, nature, culture or relaxation.

If you are looking for pure peace, you are of course completely free to fill in your days as you please. You can always contact us for additional information about the region and the possibilities. We are happy to help you on your way.

But for those who prefer to keep a schedule to get the most out of your vacation, we offer a very good alternative.

This way you can book different packages with us that are already fully mapped out for you. Then you just have to book your trip and make sure you get to Malaga. You can leave the rest to us with confidence.

Our biggest plus, our unique location, ensures that we can offer you a wide range of activities. From unforgettable walking tours to interesting city visits and even challenging bike rides.

If our arrangements are not entirely your thing or do not meet your expectations, you can always contact us. Then we make a customized package for you and your loved one or family.

Walking packages.

Our own “garden” of five hectares offers many opportunities for beautiful walks. Just stretching the legs in the midst of beautiful nature without encountering anybody is Finca Serrato’s greatest asset.

Of course our packages are aimed at the walker who likes to go out for a few hours and therefore visits different places. This is perfectly possible on Finca Serrato.

We work together with recommended colleagues so that you have the option to explore a large part of the area on foot. You walk, as it were, from one sleeping place to another and your luggage is taken.

With our walking packages you can choose from 5 different packages.

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Cycling packages.

We are also a good place to stay, especially for mountain bikers and sports cyclists, since they mainly use unpaved nature trails. The immediate surroundings already offer a very extensive network of cycle paths, each with its own charm and level of difficulty.

Fancy a challenging cycling holiday in the overwhelming nature of Andalusia? Or rather a quieter bike ride to get to know the region better? We have something for everyone.

In our cycling packages you also have the possibility to stay all the time in Finca Serrato as well as to drive from one place to another. Of course, your luggage will also be taken to your next sleeping place here by us.

We have 3 fixed packages on offer.

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Motorcycle packages.

Motorcyclists can certainly come to us. The roads seem to be specially laid out for them. A leisurely tour through the rolling mountains, something that every motorcyclist can appreciate.

With the moto you have the big advantage that you can go a little further away to visit something. From Finca Serrato you can easily go to the surrounding towns or even to the beach.

With the motorcycle packages you can also choose to stay with us all the time or to distribute your holiday among various fellow operators.

We offer 3 packages for motorcyclists.

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Andalusia on horseback.

The horse lover can also come to us! Experience Andalusia in a unique way and come to places you would otherwise never get to! The package that we now offer is made for the more experienced rider, but also as a beginner you can come and enjoy it.

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Tailor-made package.

Do you have certain wishes that you would like to be fulfilled with us? Specific places that you want to visit or activities that you want to perform?

Then contact us via our contact form or via mail at

We promise nothing, but we will certainly do our utmost to meet your wishes.