Andalusia on horseback

The beautiful nature around Finca Serrato forms the ideal backdrop for practitioners of all kinds of sports. You can go here for an interesting walk or a challenging bike ride, but certainly also for horse riding.

The vastness of Spain offers a great opportunity for trips that you can make on horseback. No better way to unwind than to enjoy a healthy environment on the back of a magnificent animal.

To give you the chance to experience this, we propose our “Andalusia on horseback” package. During this arrangement you can fully implement your passion while getting to know the Spanish lifestyle. You will pass through some of the well-known “typical white villages” where you will become acquainted with the southern mentality.

The program.

Day 1.

You will be warmly welcomed at Casa El Cielo where you will have plenty of time to settle down. A lot of attention is then paid to getting to know the horses you will be hiking with in the coming days.

To start the week with a good feeling, a small trip is already planned in the Baranco Del Sol valley (near Casa El Cielo).

You spend the first night at Casa El Cielo.

Day 2.

Casa El Cielo – Arroyo Coche. 

Day 2 starts the actual trek through the beautiful nature of Andalusia. The tour starts at Casa El Cielo and goes through fields full of olive trees and wild almond trees. Along the way you cross (dry) rivers so that you discover areas that you would otherwise never reach. With a little luck you will be treated to a unique look at one of the many goats that live in this area.

This tour takes approximately 6 hours. Along the way you have the opportunity to take a rest in one of the typical bars that you pass.

The second night will take place in a guest house near the village of Arroyo Coche.

Day 3.

Arroyo Coche – Meica.

Regarding landscape, you will stay in the same overwhelming beauty for a while. During this trip you will certainly explore more off-road. Depending on the season, the route here and there is in better condition. There may be times when it is better for you to continue alongside your horse, which of course makes it so adventurous. Of course, the experienced guide who guides you never lets you take risks that are irresponsible.

During the walk you have the opportunity to have a drink in Casabermeja or even take a dip in the local swimming pool.

This tour takes about 6 hours, without any stops.

This time you spend the night in a holiday residence in Meica.

Day 4.

Meica – Finca Serrato.

On day 4, the hike itself is slightly shorter. You can complete this tour in 3 hours, but you can also choose to extend the tour. Because the walk goes through the Montés de Malaga nature park, the possibilities are enormous. The nature park offers more than 10 walks that can be combined with each other.

Are you ready for a quieter day? No problem, you can relax in peace at Finca Serrato. The horses also have a large domain available to get their hard earned rest.

The overnight stay is planned at Finca Serrato.

Day 5.

Finca Serrato.

The last full day of your stay is planned for a walk to the white town of Comares. Here you can immerse yourself in the Spanish lifestyle.

If you prefer to spend a day in full nature, that is of course also possible since Finca Serrato is located just next to the Montés de Malaga Natural Park.

Last night at Finca Serrato.

Day 6.

Farewell and departure at Finca Serrato.

Practical information:

  • This package is suitable for advanced and experienced riders.
  • Full equipment is required, in particular a helmet, appropriate clothing and solid (riding) boots. Only helmets can be rented from us on prior request.
  • After signing these rules, you are fully insured during horse riding.
  • You are at all times under the guidance of an experienced rider.


This package can be booked from February to December.

Pay attention! We only have 6 horses available so this package is fully booked quickly. Of course we also take the health of our horses into account and are forced to give our animals a few days off every now and then.

So the message for those who want to do this is: Be quick and book enough in advance!

Price of the package:

The price of the package depends on what your wishes are and what our options are.

You can request a correct price quote for this package via mail at or via our contact form.