About us

finca serratoThe 200-year-old wine press was purchased 13 years ago by Ben. The following years, this Dutchman put his heart and soul into renovating the original finca into the bed and breakfast that he is today. A while ago Ben decided to pass on the torch and sell his finca.

Current owners Olivier and Sophie have searched for a long time for the perfect location to establish their second home. They fell in love with this finca due to its unique location in the middle of its own five-hectare estate, which has become the ideal home base for their horses.

For Olivier and Sophie, this is their second home alongside a stable life in Belgium, so they were looking for someone with a dream of running a bed and breakfast. We will of course come up with that….

Sofie and Wouter.

From January 1, 2020, we can therefore call ourselves the proud new managers of Finca Serrato.

Those who already know us know that we have undergone a real search in recent years. After the decision to leave Belgium definitively, we went through a lot of ups and downs to be able to end up here.

We are an enterprising couple and are used to working together day in day out. We both like to welcome people and love to spoil someone with a top holiday.

Wouter is the chef of the house as a hobby cook he likes to stand in the kitchen and experiment with new ingredients and flavor combinations.

With her eye for detail, Sofie is the one who ensures that everything runs smoothly.

Our goal.

We strive to give you the vacation you need. Because of its unique location you can come to us for both an experience of total tranquility and an active holiday.

Our motto is: “Nothing is impossible, much is possible”.

The extra residents.

The attentive reader has already noted above that Finca Serrato has been the home base for the horses of Olivier and Sophie for a while. Those are not the only extra residents. Because we do not want to hide anything so that you know what you can expect, we briefly describe our animals here.

We are aware that not everyone shares the same love for our dogs, so we always ensure that they are locked in their own part of the grounds of our private space.


Nux is the first own dog from Sofie. So he moved with him from Belgium.

Nux is a Golden Retriever of 9 years old. He is a very social, sweet dog who prefers to get attention from people than from other animals. He always wags at the welcome, almost never barks and enjoys immensely just lying in the yard to oversee everything.


Brax is the first dog we have together. He also came to Belgium with our family.

Brax is a Bernese pine of 5 years old and is our concern child. He is not a purebred Bernese pine and you can tell by his. He is narrower than he should be for his breed. For us he is our worry child because he is not the smartest and kind of rude. As a result, we no longer lose sight of it once again when it stumbles over something and gets the umpteenth scratch. Because he has always been with Nux, he blindly trusts him.

He is a very sweet dog with a great lack of self-confidence, but if he tilted his head to listen to you, you are immediately sold.


As soon as we arrived in Spain we were confronted with the big problem with stray dogs. We had been playing with the idea of taking an extra dog, the same age as Brax, with the aim of making Brax less dependent on Nux. We are afraid that Brax will not know what to do if Nux suddenly disappears.

So we removed Cuba from the shelter. 2 weeks after our visit, she normally went to get an injection.

Cuba is a cross between a Labrador and a Mastiff. She took a little time to teach us to trust because she had never had an owner. She was born on the street and spent 4 years in the shelter.

Cuba is a very sweet girl and is very grateful. She can look at you in a certain way that melts your heart.


It was really the intention to keep it on three dogs. But when we were on our way to give Nux and Brax a final check at the vet before Cuba arrived, this little girl almost walked under our car. It is daily here that you will find stray dogs along the way. Most of the time it is difficult to get hold of them because they have become very shy.

This little girl, on the other hand, immediately jumped into my arms. She was wearing armor and was clearly used to people. We took them to the vet to check on a chip. This was not present. She couldn’t stay with the vet, the only option was asylum. We couldn’t just exchange her for Cuba right now? Then we have contributed nothing to the problem!

After reporting to the police and during a Facebook campaign to find her owner, she stayed with us (temporarily). Baasje was never found and she still lives with us … ..

So we just baptized her Lolita. She is a very big hugger who will immediately steal your heart, but don’t underestimate her! She can safely stand her ground among those big boys.

Black and White.

Black and white are the two cats that have been living on the domain for a long time. So we are now taking it up. They have their own part where they can withdraw from everything and everyone. These cats stay here because they are the best remedy for the lost mouse who would dare to venture into the yard.

We can’t write much about their characters and habits yet, because we still have to discover them ourselves. Will certainly be continued!

UPDATE: In the meantime, we know the cats a little better. White is a very sweet and loyal cat. She likes to lie nice and quiet on the mattresses in the garage and occasionally be caressed by us. Previously, she was always sitting on a chair on the terrace, but now, unfortunately, our dogs are no longer able to do that. We do our utmost to align the dogs and cats.

Black is a bit more distant and less at home than White. It soon became apparent why she was less visible … A week or two ago she surprised us with no less than five kittens !! She has been clever enough to keep the kittens hidden until they were old enough to walk around and their eyes were open.

These kittens are of course super cute, but seven cats is a bit too much of a good thing. So we are looking for a good new home for them. Feel free to contact us if you are interested. (februari 2020)

The horses.

Sherpa and Cat are the two horses of Olivier and Sophie. They roam the grounds freely and regularly come to drink at the finca yard.

They ensure that the necessary greenery is removed without us having to use harmful products.

Sherpa and Cat are riding horses and can be used on request. This is only possible if the owner Olivier is on site. If you would like this, request it in time!

Meanwhile, the horses of a colleague have moved in with us, Rosita, Estrella and Luna. You can read here how their arrival here went.


Kad is a 20 year old Belgian half-horse gelding (neutered male). Its name does not mean anything specific and the reason for this name is a bit long to explain here (for the curious it can be mentioned in hikes). He has many years of hiking experience and has crossed France and Spain, coming from Belgium with Sherpa (see below) and his rider Olivier while hiking on small agricultural and forest paths.

He is a dominant horse and since he has formed a herd with the horses of David and Sarah, he leads the group with Rosita.

When hiking, he will be the lead horse but can also accept another position.

Although it has settled down over time, Kad remains a horse for experienced riders.

Bien qu’il se soit bien assagi avec le temps, Kad reste un cheval pour cavalier expérimenté.


Sherpa is a double pony (almost the size of a horse). Gelding too. His name is that of porter in the Himalayas. This name suits him well because he has a stocky and courageous side like these carriers. He is a follower in the group. He is fairly easy to ride (therefore possible for beginners) although he can be stubborn and like to trot to catch up with the other horses in the group who have a faster pace.

He looks a lot like a Haflinger (Austrian breed) but does not have their blond mane and is therefore the result of a cross of unknown origin.


Rosita (small rose in Spanish) is the only one you can see from far away in our “garden” because it is completely white. She has a lot of spirit and is a nice horse to ride. Although she has a dominant character, she is very loyal to her rider. Rosita is suitable for the more experienced rider.

Together with Kad, she now leads the group at Finca Serrato.






Estrella (star in Spanish) is a loyal horse. She has been driving in Belgium for one year. Estrella is very protective of the group although she will never take the lead herself. The nice thing about Estrella is that she also responds to spoken commands that you give her because she is well trained. It is very suitable for both experienced and inexperienced riders.


Luna (moon in Spanish) is a very good and easy horse. Her soft nature makes her the ideal follower that easily fits into the group. She is submissive and allows mistakes which makes her ideal for inexperienced riders.