A touch of culture

The walking package “a touch of culture” starts in the Spanish provincial town of Antequera. In this town you can taste the real Andalusian life that has not been affected by mass tourism.

This is the ideal place for nature lovers who would like to experience a pinch of culture. Antequera has many beautiful places that you should not miss.

Antequera of course also offers many opportunities for a terrace or restaurant.

You will stay in Finca Serrato for the second part of this package to do some beautiful nature walks in the beautiful surroundings.

Here you can fully unwind while you get the necessary exercise.

The program.

Day 1.

We usually do not plan the first day too full after a tiring journey. Here you get the chance to decide for yourself what you will do.

You have the opportunity to sniff the culture in Antequera. Do you prefer the local church or rather the history of the city? (More information about Antequera.)

Day 2.

On day 2 you will depart from Antequera to the impressive Torcal mountains. You walk to an altitude of 1000 m where you can see “El puerto de escaleruela (Gate of Stairs).

You walk back to Antequera via a different route and you pass the village of Villanueva de la Concepcion.

You will once again be staying in Antequera this evening.

Day 3.

You will be brought to the starting point of the walk by us. This high altitude point offers views that you should definitely have seen.

Then you walk through the impressive Torcal mountains. This region has many different forms such as the well-known pancake rocks created by a huge limestone rock massif.

You walk back to Antequera for your last night in this nice town.

Day 4.

Almacén - voorterrasBecause walking to your next residence would be a bit too far, you will be picked up by us. We drop you off at the top of the Montés de Malaga Natural Park from where you continue on foot to Finca Serrato. We take care of your luggage.

You will of course receive the necessary information and hiking maps from us.

We then wait for you with a free welcome drink and snack so that you can immediately feel at home and enjoy yourself.

Day 5.

The hike planned for this day starts at the finca. The first part leads you to the rio seco (dry river) El Rute. From there you go up on another side to reach the ruins of Lagar El Rute, an old press shop.

The route then goes to the Montés de Malaga Natural Park, after which you arrive at Venta De la Nada. You will find it a little more typical than this place. You think you are certainly 70 years back in time, an experience that you do not want to miss. If desired, you can have lunch here.

After lunch you walk back to Finca Serrato via a completely different route.

This walk takes six to seven hours (without lunch).

Day 6.

After a delicious breakfast to get you off to a good start, one of us will take you to the nearby village of Colmenar.

There you can first soak up the atmosphere on a very typical Spanish terrace. You then walk the first kilometers through the village of Colmenar.

These first kilometers offer you the chance to visit a few sights that Colmenar offers. So you have the bee museum, the Ermita (the local church) and the cemetery that are definitely worth a visit.

Once you leave the village, the walk continues through the campo (countryside). Enjoying the many vistas of the valley you can relax here.

This walk will take between 4 and 5 hours without any stops to visit.

Day 7.

Of course, a decent breakfast cannot be missed on holiday, so take your time to have breakfast.

Once satisfied, one of us will take you to a starting point in the Montés de Malaga Natural Park. 10 different walking routes have been plotted from that point. It is great that these routes can be combined with each other. This way you decide for yourself how long you walk or how hard you walk.

All routes contain a few places where you can look so far that you imagine yourself alone in the world. Enthusiasts of photography can fully carry out their passion here.

After the walk you will be picked up again at an agreed point and time. Don’t panic, we are always available if unexpected changes occur.

You decide the duration of this walk yourself.

Day 8.

The last extensive breakfast in Finca Serrato.

Farewell to the environment and the residents.

This package can also be planned in the opposite direction. If you wish, please choose the “A touch of culture the other way around” option when booking.

Price of the package.

You can book this package as an option when choosing your room for an additional charge of € 60.00 per person (minimum 2 people).

Use our handy booking function on the right. First choose which period you want to come to, select the room that you prefer and then click on the “A touch of culture walking package” option or A touch of culture the other way around walking package” option.

The system will immediately show you the full price.

Included in the price:

  • Breakfast (included in the room price anyway)
  • Transfers to the starting point and end point of the walks.
  • Welcome drink and snack.
  • Extensive route descriptions in your own language.
  • Detailed hiking maps.


It is always possible to get a packed lunch at Finca Serrato. You can purchase this for € 8.00 per person.

You can also visit Finca Serrato for dinner. We offer a dinner at a democratic price of 15,00€ a person (excl drinks).

If you prefer to eat out, you can go to Venta De La Nada at 4 km or Venta El Pinar at 5 km. In the center of Colmenar at 14 km you can also find some traditional restaurants.

All meals and drinks, except breakfast, are available for a fee.